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Creating circular economy

Our economy is designed to extract raw materials from nature, process them into usable goods and then discard them either into a landfill, incinerator or somewhere in nature (usually by accident). This linear system is wasteful and the losses result in negative environmental impact.

The alternative to the linear economy is the circular economy, which is all about redesigning the way we produce goods and services so that they meet our needs in more sustainable and regenerative ways.


  1. Introduction. Setting a common understanding of the circular economy

  2. Explaining circular economy in today’s social context

  3. Analyzing Circular economy principles

  4. Waste hierarchy and the principles of Refusing, Reducing, Reusing, Recycling, Rotting

  5. Circular economy design principles - designing out waste. Discovering materials: Plastics.

  6. Circular economy design principles - Keep materials and products in use. Sharing economy and “Reuse” principle

  7. Circular economy design principles - regenerate natural systems. Biomimicry: how nature helps us to design circular

  8. Systems thinking: discover what is a system and how we can intervene in it

  9. Design your own circular products/services - identify the problem

  10. Design your own circular products/services - see the challenge from different perspectives

  11. Design your own circular products/services - Envision the future


  • To describe what is the circular economy and differentiate it from other economic models
  • To apply circular economy principles in product and service design
  • To explain what is greenwashing and how the recycling system works
  • To know the waste hierarchy principles and how to use them to design circular products and services
  • To identify ways that nature sustains itself and gives us solutions for circularity
  • To develop circular products and services
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