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Greek language and culture for beginners

Γειά σου!
Is it all Greek to you? Let's discover Greek language and culture together!

The Greek language has the longest documented history of any Indo-European language. It is the language in which architecture, philosophy, theater, democracy, mathematics and many other arts and sciences were born. Still today, the terminology used in these sectors derives from Greek, and learning the language will provide you with a deeper understanding of the terms.

In this course, we will use a variety of different methods to explore Greek language and culture in a fun way and build the basic understanding of the language and Greek culture.


  1. Introduction to Greek culture

  2. Greek alphabet, letters and pronunciation

  3. Countries, nationalities and cities

  4. Introducing myself, Greetings

  5. Ancient Greek philosophy 

  6. Ancient Greek technology inventions 

  7. Days of the week, hobbies, colours


  • You will able to use the Greek alphabet and read in Greek
  • You will be able to introduce yourself and others
  • You will be able to describe your home and city
  • You will be able to describe hobbies, colours, days of the week
  • You will know the basics of Ancient Greek philosophy and how to use them at work and especially in business
  • You will learn about Greek culture, the Greeks, Greek history, geography and food


✅ The grading of the course is non-differentiated (pass/fail).

📋 The prerequisite for passing the course is completing all self-evaluation tests with at least 80% correct answers and submitting both the mid-term and final project of the course.

🎥 Online class recordings of this course will be made available after each class.

👀 Participating in all online classes is not required for passing the course, but the course grade cannot be "Pass" if the student participates in fewer than half of the online classes.

👨‍🏫 The teacher can set additional criteria for passing the course.

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