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Innustame's University Counseling Course

Students are often confused about whether to go to a traditional specialization straight after high school or explore an interdisciplinary pathway at the college/university level. It really depends on the student and their interests and this topic helps you understand the different options out there that are valuable for an interdisciplinary or a specialization trajectory after high school.


  • Where in the world do you want to go?

  • Application guide for universities or experiential opportunities

  • Stories of inspiration from students around the world

  • The application process (essays, CVs, motivational letters)

  • Gap years and work experience

  • Finances, scholarships and financial aid


  • Know about different countries and universities
  • Create a personal goals and checklist
  • Explore experiential opportunities after high school
  • Learn finances and variations in tuition fees
  • Learn about passports, visas and other documents needed to study or live abroad


 ✅ The grading of the course is non-differentiated (pass/fail).

 🎥 The prerequisite for passing the course is all assignments given during the entire period of this online course The pdf of every ppt will be made available after each class 

 👀 Participating in all online classes is not required for passing the course, but the course grade cannot be "Pass" if the student participates in fewer than half of the online classes.

 👨‍🏫 The teacher can set additional criteria for passing the course.

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